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Young Tree Value Part 2

The previous post has addressed the benefits of trees with regards to carbon emission. Here we will take another look at its power to regulate temperature on a mass scale.

Trees are very helpful in maintaining the temperatures of cities and keeping them moderate. Mostly the areas with higher temperatures utilize trees in Vancouver to lower it down a bit and give out a better natural aura. The temperature of LA City has rose around 2 degrees in the past half century. While on the other hand, removal of trees has been found to be common in the region.

Trees cool down the area by giving shade and blowing cold breeze regularly. You can also look at it as a good way to save your electricity bills and conservation of energy. If trees cool down the environment for you, you won’t be requiring air conditioners all the time. Cool air along with no pollution is all you can ask for.

Trees are also an important factor in water conservation throughout the world. Waters, ponds or reservoirs that come under the shade of trees have a decreased temperature and hence they evaporate on a slower rate. Also in summers, if the trees keep the temperatures moderated, people won’t consume as much water resulting in water savings.

Plants are also a source of producing water in its purest form because when it rains, the water staying above surface of earth is mostly polluted while trees absorb it into the soil, make it pass the clean root system and go into the earth. This helps in reduction of pollutant water addition to the ocean and bigger waterways.

Trees are a very important factor in keeping the earth intact and decreasing overall land sliding or soil erosion. People in hilly areas plant trees on their steep grounds to stop erosion and it works like a charm.

Young Tree’s Values Part 1

The value of trees on earth is higher than anything including money or jewels. The issue is just that people do not understand this fact. None of the living things on earth will survive without oxygen and if the day comes when the soil is in a condition which makes plantation difficult, you’ll only be relying on the already populated forests and that is when people would regret and realize the value of young and newly planted aesthetic trees. Here is a catalogue which contains all the important values of aesthetic trees:

One of the most vital and beneficial thing about planting aesthetic trees is that they play a very important role in fighting global warming and the rapid climate changes which are occurring in the current era. The higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the air which has been produced by harmful building practices can be only be fought by planting more aesthetic trees. Aesthetic trees undertake that harmful carbon dioxide and release lifesaving oxygen in return. According to a survey, an average tree absorbs exactly the amount of CO2 produced by 26 thousand cars in daily routine. This fact should have explained enough about tree plantation’s importance.

Trees are also the pioneers in cleansing the air humans and animals breathe all the time. Trees undertake all kinds of pollutants and harmful gases with CO2 and release clean, fresh and healthy oxygen for all humanity. This is a gift bigger than any if you realize the importance. Trees in Vancouver are said to provide all the oxygen human’s breathe on earth. For a statistical point of view, an acre’s planation of trees in Vancouver can fill the oxygen needs of more than 18 people.

As tree grow, and depending on species, they not only start sequestering carbon from the environment, the very power of securing the soil beneath it to prevent landslide is an enormous benefit.

One often overlook how deforestation releases HUGE amount of carbon to the environment. Not particularrly the trees we are talking about, but from the agitation of the soil. Things take a long time to settle down. However when lands and soil space move, much is release.

To read more, please follow the part 2 on this topic.

What to Do With The Stump From Tree Removal

Stump Art

What can you do with the left over stumps from a tree removal jobs. This is a question that had many homeowners scratching their head over. Some asked the tree service company to remove, some keep them for firewood. Yet as precious as wood and memory, why not make something to remember your tree by? An artistic piece that will stand the test of time.

Below are some ideas to re-use the tree stumps:

Garden Ornament

Create a Cat Tree from StumpTree Stump Planter for garden flowers

The usual thing people do with the stumps from tree removal is that they use it as a substitute for pots placing ornamental plants or plants along on these stumps making it more a garden friendly and unique-looking design for a garden. Usually the stumps are being sliced in the middle for the plants and soil be put inside. There are times as well that the surface of the stumps are painted or scrubbed for a better-looking finish but most of the times, the actual look is just left as it is so that it will give a rusty old looking finish.

Since we are here to create a cat-friendly environment. My friend who runs a tree company told me that homeowners are able to request that certain sizes of tree branches or stumps be handled a certain way. When servicing a tree, ask the professional to leave a few even sized trunks or branches so you can create a cat tree right from your yard!

Outdoor Art Piece

The more creative minds, or individuals with more free time utilise stumps from tree removal as a chair, indoor or outdoor; it depends on the personal preferences of the user. Some tend to put metals and plastic for back and arm rest and some leave it as it is for a more outdoor-type looking of chair. 

It could certainly be a fancy chair that you put together. But for those who are just looking to add some sitting space in the backyard, here’s a 5 minute video on how to create a wooden bench under 5 minutes:

People also use it as an outdoor table or living room table if it complements the overall look of the interior and exterior of the house. What really makes your home stand out from the rest is to paint the stump as the picture shown in the featured image of this post. Now doesn’t that just look amazing? Can you imagine having something like that as your patio table, or your interior coffee table for that matter? 

So next time you’re buying a place, or acquiring a property with unwanted trees, plan that cut down tree into your furniture budget for it can save you a huge sum of money!

Stump Lights

Slice off thin pieces of your stumps and paint them over with a heat resistant finishing. This will give you a marvellous looking wall light that can instantly transform your living space into a design show room.


Garden Sculpture

Last but not least, instead of asking for tree removal service, get a quote for a garden sculpture! By the way we have seen some great examples of these wood landscaping designs that cats just love playing around them, or chickens for that matter if you own any!

Reuse stump as a garden sculpture


Apparently, there are a lot of great ideas on the web for a more creative and resourceful thought about the stumps. These are only some of the examples that the usual things and ideas people do with their stumps. When you can, spend the time to re-purpose these wonderful natural resources and you will be handsomely rewarded with a sense of accomplishment, and an opportunity to re-connect with is a great additional to decoration and design to the interior and exterior of the house since it gives a real volume and style of an environmental-friendly space for everyone.


How to Decorate your Garden

Bright blue skies, warm fuzzy temperatures and sunny mornings are calling you to come outside your house. You go outside then find your humble garden, having only a few ornamental plants making it look like a barren, taken for granted space. Don’t you just wish seeing lush landscapes and beautiful views the moment you step out of your house? Are you worried of never having that dream garden come true, never attaining that full potential your small space deserves, all because you are on a tight budget? Well, don’t lose hope because here are some tips for you to achieve that dream garden you always yearn even on a budget that won’t have you scratching your head. Soon, you will enjoy that hot coffee, or enjoy that favorite book of yours amidst all the lush greenflies and beautiful landscapes.

Make a list of needs and wants

The first and most basic tip is to know what kind of garden you will have. Would you want to grow vegetables? Do you have children who need a play space? Or would you rather have a patio where you and your family can gather and have fun get together? Once you already know what you want kind of garden you want to establish, then you can pick up on the next few step.

Analyze sun and light patterns

Before jumping into the actual Designing and landscaping of your garden, you need to study first how light enters your area. You might want to place a small patio on the east side of your house, however it gets a lot of afternoon sun, which means you will most likely sip on that green tea under extreme heat, you wouldn’t want to be drinking tea in hell. You might want to plan a dinner with your special someone under the romantic moonlight, however you are eating your steak instead under the moldy scent of those pesky maple leaves. With this, it is mostly important to study how to maximize the use of light to achieve that special moment with your loved ones.

Work with what you have and around a focal point

Start small and never be intimidated with gardening shows. These shows guarantee 3 day makeovers but behind the cameras is a crew composed of 50 people working endlessly to achieve that wonderful look they usually boast. So always keep in mind, work at your own pace and start working what you have. The next step is to think of a center piece or a focal point, where people draw their eyes first the moment they take a look at your garden. Center pieces can be statues, a series of bricks piled up or a huge tree. Depending on your preference, the surrounding ornamental plants will depend on that center piece. For example, huge trees can be complemented with small shrubs and then surrounded with small colorful ornamental plants. The main goal is to draw the attention on that centerpiece and complement it with small plants.

Place plants in suitable pots

Without their suitable pots, plants can easily be rooted out. So it is much better to place them in pots that follow the landscape scheme or theme that you trying to establish. Organize plants in a way that is not very congested. You can separate them by adding bricks or stones.

Maintain garden on a regular basis

It is always advisable to remove aggressive plants that may spoil the growth of your garden. Keep weeds and unruly grass out of the way by regular lawn mowing. Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service, can do just that and more. Aside from weed removal and grass mowing, they also offer tree removal services, hedge trimming, landscaping, stump grinding and stump removal.

With these tips at hand, you will soon be enjoying that wonderful garden you were yearning for in a long time.

Common Pests and Insects that Can Affect Your Tree Health

Trees are one of the main living things that are usually taken care of especially to entrepreneurs and companies that make a living and fortune out of them. Alike to Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service which actually focuses on Vancouver tree service areas that do tree removal service and landscaping, hedge trimming and grass mowing, thus, the health of the trees and plants in one of their concerns. Moreover, they are after not only for the costs after doing some stump grinding and stump removal, there are a lot of factors to consider primarily before doing such works and jobs.

Pests and insects in actuality is one their main concerns since this primarily affects immensely the health and overall being of the trees. These are some common pests that you may need to know and may be aware of:

  1. Mites – Although mites cannot generally affect the whole of a tree, it is still a danger for the health of trees since it attacks mainly the branches and leaves causing the fruits and plants to be unmarketable. Mites are very small in detail, having 4 legs alone, they can travel and move freely anywhere. Female mites lay eggs singly on leaves which are very rampant during summers and low on winters.

Usually, branches and leaves with Mites cause them to be in very dark color, thus, infecting other plants if these infected parts are being traveled with other plants or branches.

  • Soft Scales – these insects does not affect the trees and fruits singly but with a right amount of scales attached, these may no longer be marketable since they produce a very dark color that is visible and unacceptable to the usual color and shades. There are green scales that are usually produced over the summer season and there are the brown scales that are huge in number over the winter.


  • Scarab Beetles – eggs are usually formed in the soil where they feed on plant roots. They usually are attracted to ripen fruits and are usually manifested and developed through spring season. Although it can be destroyed easily when it only affected the leaves, but when it reached the trees as a whole, it may costs a real fortune since trees will no longer be much of a use if Scarab Beetles reached the trees causing for this trees to be burned wholly.


  • Ash Borer – or also called as Lilac Borer since they are usually hosted by ash and lilac syringa spp. When these borer lies on the trees and plants, they create huge holes on the main trunk and crotch. Also, cracks and swelling on the branches and barks. Moreover, this causes for a call on secondary pests and insects to indulge in the holes and cracks weakening even more the health of the tree.


Ultimately, there are a lot more pests and insects that immensely affect the health of the tree. There is no one solution that could fix all the pest concerns, but there are certainly ways to employ a holistic approach.

Natural pesticides to use in your garden

A holistic approach to combating pests and insect problem is to trust in nature’s balance of things. First of all, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE must trust in the power of self-healing.

All species including humans come with a defence mechanism that is far superior to we think. The reason that we see so many diseases is precisely that of the lack of nutrients in our food system, and for plants, nutrient deficit soils. As an aside, did you know that a thunderstorm creates a ton of nutrients for plants? How awesome is that?

Periodically fertilising your soil with nitrogen from coffee grounds is a common practice for savvy gardeners. Keeping a compost system in your backyard is also a smart way to make sure that you have enough sustainable fuel to replenish your garden.

As for pesticides, and natural pesticides at that, is really our last resort. Before we get to that, consider some natural insects that can take care of the problem for you.

Natural Insects

  1. Lady Bud: Everyone knows that ladybugs can kill aphids and have been widely employed as an effect measure against little bugs, especially in the greenhouses.
  2. Hover Flies: These are also aphids eater that you can attract by planting carrots or garden flowers.
  3. Praying Mantis: The eggs can be bought from specialised stores. When hatched, they basically tackle all or most of the pests that are causing you problem. Population control though is the name of the game.
  4. Nematodes: They are microscopic and are effective against cutworms and weevil larvae. You can buy the eggs from gardening stores

Natural Pesticides

Now let’s talk about a list of pesticides you can consider. The rule of thumb is anything that you find quite pungent to the nose could be an effective against insects and pests when made into spray.

  1. Citrus and mild soap
  2. Chilli pepper
  3. Onions & Garlic
  4. Eukalyptus
  5. Neem oil spray
  6. Baking soda or salt spray

The basic solution from soap and baking soda solution forms a slimy or slippery surface on the leaves. It renders the plant inaccessible or very difficult to grab on for aphids. Natural essential oils are no-brainers when it comes to deterring snails.

And that is it folks! Enjoy eating organically right from your backyard. Employ this holistic approach to enjoy a garden with strong trees and powerful soils. You will be handsomly rewarded with quality food that rejuvenizes your very own immune system.

Machines Used In Tree Removal Services

In the recent times, more and more companies and entrepreneurs are venturing out to tree cutting business since it has a lot to offer to society especially in line with the aesthetic and visual decorations that are very much embraced by many people today, landscaping for some may consider it apparently. There are companies who offer all-inclusive services wherein all of the unique tree cutting needs of people are to be met, thus, these unique services ranges from tree removal service, stump grinding and stump removal, all the way to hedge trimming ad grass mowing. Apparently, one of the most well known in the said industry today is Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service which is a full tree service in Vancouver.

Vancouver, Canada is well known as for its good and cozy surroundings and usually these surroundings are as well used for decorations to certain events. More often than not, the peak season for the tree services in Vancouver is usually around December to January due to the numerous festivals they annually hold and host.

Although it may seem pretty easy in doing such works and jobs, there are actually recurring risks and danger in doing serving tree cutting and removal services. Not only that the exact work is difficult and challenging but also that the machinery and equipment being used to fulfill the job are high at risk for safety and hazard.

Generally, there are only few machinery and equipment that are use in servicing a tree removal and tree cutting; mainly these are the Tree Spade, Harvester, and the generic ones – Tree Cutting Machines. Now, all of the given machinery are actually high at risk when it comes to safety and hazards of the labor. There are proper and right ways to use these machinery and most of the time, laborers need to be certified first by several licensing companies to allow them using and managing these equipment.

Tree Spades specifically are equipment widely used for landscaping since its main purpose is to remove, transfer, and transplant small to large bushes and small to medium sized trees. In addition, tree spades are widely used as well to different heavy operating industries such as tree nursery to increase the production rate.

Harvester is the more heavy-duty equipment since it is mainly used for forestry which actually is a much broader and wider scope than aesthetic trees and alike. However, sometimes harvesters are still used for the purpose of cutting long logs and bucking trees.

Finally, the most common above all is the Tree Cutting Machine since it is used by many not only to those who are licensed or professionals. People could purchase over the counter these tree cutting machines.